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For each wedding I do I get various Playlists of pre-requests   from lists that have  just the first dance , to others which have 50 plus songs on them. I am always happy to  receive a playlist and it gives me a great insight into what type of music you and your friends and family enjoy  but its about gettting the size and the content of the playlist right, so here are few pointers:

1. Make sure the playlist reflects you as a couple, for example if you love up-to date dance or 50’s rock then make sure you have that down on the list. We always have a  pre wedding meeting so if you get the list in before we meet we can discuss the song choices and decide which ones would work better. You want the evening to reflect you and the music can go a long way in doing this.

2. Saying all of the above think long and hard about the list as you want people dancing. People generally dance to things with a beat and  that are well known. So if you like a certain song but these are album tracks or certain type of music thats is not mainstream have a think will this put people off, will  you be the only one  dancing.

Now if you do like obscure  tracks or genres then don’t just dismiss them as I said you want the night to reflect you as a couple so maybe think of songs in that type of genere that are more mainstream or tracks from certain artists that have been in the charts rather than album tracks.

3. How many songs on the list is always a tricky one and its up-to you. You may wish to give me a few ideas and songs and let me do the rest with requests on the night or you may wish to have more control and put a few more down. Either way is great, although I would avoid more than 30 as then you not letting the DJ be a DJ. If you trust him then a good DJ like myself will blend the songs on the playlist with other songs I know work well but stay in the theme of how you want the night to sound.

4. A meeting is essential once you have the playlist done, then I can go through and explain what I think will work, maybe ones that I dont think will work or songs I think will work early on. A meeting is essential for both parties to bring the list to life, I may look at a song and think that will never work and you explain its a favourite of your friends and family, this knowledge  will be  very usefull on the night.

5. Think of songs that reflect parts of your life, for example if you have lots of school or uni friends coming to the wedding and you all loved a certain song, then pop it on the list with an explanation, I then know on the night that it will  go down a storm.

6. A no list is always essential, we can all remember the weddings where we thought the DJ played to much cheese or to much heavy dance. Let me know the songs and genres  you hate and theses can be avoided on the night.

However you decide to put together the list the main thing is communication beforehand between yourself and  me the DJ. With this  we can put together a list that reflects you but also gets the dancefloor rocking!

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