Wedding of Mr & Mrs Roberts

Venue: Goodwood Hotel
Date: 6th October 2012
Couple: Mr & Mrs Roberts
Atomic DJ Services: Up-lighters, Evening DJ services

On a lovely sunny day in October 2013 I was delighted to be a part of the wedding of new Mr & Mrs Roberts at the lovely Goodwood Hotel and Spa. It is a lovely Hotel and one that I am delighted to have provided the entertainment for in the past and one that I am lucky enough to be returning to in 2013.

The day went really well with a lovely service and wedding breakfast. I was providing the Up-lighters which really gave the room a lovely colour in the evening. My up-lighters can provide many different colours and this one matched the colour of the day. I also provided the evening entertainment which was discussed at length at the pre wedding meeting and was happy to take requests on the night.

I also got a request to show a short video that bride and groom had put together for the earlier speeches. It was so good the groom wanted the evening guests to see it. I was happy to accommodate this and it really added to the night.

A lovely evening and this couldn’t of been possible without detailed disscusions and planning before the big day.

Atomic DJ offer a variety of packages, All day services, Up-lighters and evening entertainment. All services are bespoke and come with pre wedding planning to get it exactly how you want the day to be.

Tom Burrell

Atomic DJ

Atomic DJ Goodwood Hotel

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