Southampton DJ meeting

AtomicDJ at southampton DJ meeting

southampton dj meeti

At AtomicDJwe like to work closely with other DJ companies in the local area.

I also have to say that I like to be selective in who I work with. The reason for this is, if due to high volume of work on certain nights,  we can not perform at a party we can then recommend some one that can, and them for me.

Now if I am recommending a company then I have got to know they have same high standards as myself, hence a few select group.

With that in mind A couple of days ago a group of us got to together all DJ’s running successful DJ companies in around Southampton, Portsmouth and the new forest.

It was great to swap ideas, chat generally about DJing and how we can improve the service we provide. It also gives the opportunity to know that when you inquiry with us if  we are fully booked than we recommend someone that will give you the same great experience.

We are planning to meet up in the future, this will help  keep us all at the top of our game.

Any parties that you are planning get in touch to make sure your not left disappointed about the entertainment, tel 07919577782 or e-mail

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