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Congratulations this week go out to Alex and Andy Edwards who celebrated their wedding day on saturday. The Playlist was very rocky including the last dance which was Party Hard by Andrew W.K. It reflected the happy couple perfectly and rounded off the celebration brilliantly. This got me thinking about the Last dance and how it reflects on the happy couple.

As you would expect with any wedding the first dance is very important to every couple. Its a song that normally has some history with the couple, for example first song played when the couple met etc. Its also the a signal that evening entertainment has begun.

Now I don’t disagree that the first dance is very important but I think equally as important is the last dance. Its the last song and the final bit of night that everyone will remember (alcohol permitting). A song that hopefully reflects the evening as a whole also the couples personalities and brings everyone to the dance-floor one final time to celebrate the couples big day.

When chosen the last dance couples often have to decide if its a song that everyone can join in with, Guests around the outside and happy couple in the middle or a slow dance that means a lot to the happy couple. Most couples do both and play them either way round so you could say the “last dances”

Examples of group singalong last songs and ones that I have played on many occasions are:

1. Take That : Never forget
2. Frank Sinatra : New York New York
3. Elbow : One day like this
4. Oasis : Wonderwall
5. Robbie Williams : Angels

More romantic numbers:

1. Eric clapton : Wonderful Tonight
2. Adele : Someone like You
3. She: Elvis Costello
4. Lets stay together : Al Green
5. Your still the one : Shania Twain

Some like to reflect the honeymoon like a few weeks back I had “Going to Barbados” by Strictly Tropical.

One of my favourites with a Rubbish title that doesn’t reflect how good the song is Good Riddance by Green day. A great two half minutes worth of song and a great way to finish off a Wedding reception.

So my advice when your planning your wedding as well as thinking of your first dance , take a second to think of your last dance. Make it something that reflects you and what people will remember your day by.

So what would be your last dance?

Keep it aTOMic.


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