AtomicDJ Charity Work


As it’s summer time it’s been a busy time for AtomicDJand myself DJ Tom Burrell.

Although it is a little hectic I was glad to help out recently at wicor primary school for they sponsored walk. They are trying to raise money and awareness of how far some children in Africa have to walk to get clean water. On average it is 4 miles. Oxfam is raising funds to provide safe drinking water for these children.

On Monday 11th july I provided the music and commentary for the kids as they walked around they playing field upto 16 times, which is around 4 miles. It was a great morning and so far they have raised over a thousand pounds for a great cause. Below is an e-mail of thanks I got from the organiser and picture of my little set-up

“Many Thanks from all of us at Wicor school for supporting us with our Water Week Walk yesterday. Having entertainment really motivated everyone and kept everyone going for longer than we thought possible! We have had some of our sponsor forms back today and know we have already smashed our £1000 target so thanks for your part in this”