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Updates from the atomic-dj towers have been on the less frequent side of late and that is mainly due to the fact as well as running atomic DJ I have also been planning my own wedding.

It all happened last weekend the 13th April 2013. An amazing day and although it did not stop raining outside it did not effect the party inside. We got married at Alton registry office, a lovely ceremony which myself and the bride were very nervous about and I even forgot my name at one point but it all went smoothly with the highlight being everyone singing a favourite song of ours “stand by me”.

After a brief stop at a local public house for lunch, it was down to our final destination of Bonhams Barn. We choose this venue just outside Alton as it literally is a Barn and nothing else. We spent three days prior to this doing up the barn to make sure it looked exactly how we wanted it. We hired the lot from chairs and tables,up-lighters (hired from myself) to fun games and hanging decorations.

When all guests arrived we provided a choice of drinks from Ale to Cocktails. We entertained them with the great sounds of Duo on Stilts known as Top Banana. A fantastic band who play all sorts from modern tunes to prodigy to 50’s band classics all performed high on stilts.

A hog roast followed with people only receiving food when the music played of their table name which were all named after our favourite 70’s tracks. Then onto the most nervous part of the day…. speeches. I have performed at many functions and infront of all sizes of crowds but this was the most nervous I have ever been. Luckly I had a great MC on hand who calmed me down and I got through it successfully.

We followed this with the Shoe game, a type of Mr and Mrs except with shoes. First dance followed and then dancing until 2am!!

An amazing day and I now can appreciate the feelings and emotions all the couples I work for go through on their big day.

This will help me as I go forward with my buisiness as when I am performing I can put myself in their shoes and help them through a very important day.

Companies that helped the day go so successfully:
Wedding host
Band on

Atomic DJ Wedding

What a day and I am looking forward to providing my services for other peoples big days over the next month or so. May has two bank holidays so this will be a very busy month but one I am looking forward to.

In meantime keep it atomic


Wedding of Mr & Mrs Roberts

Venue: Goodwood Hotel
Date: 6th October 2012
Couple: Mr & Mrs Roberts
Atomic DJ Services: Up-lighters, Evening DJ services

On a lovely sunny day in October 2013 I was delighted to be a part of the wedding of new Mr & Mrs Roberts at the lovely Goodwood Hotel and Spa. It is a lovely Hotel and one that I am delighted to have provided the entertainment for in the past and one that I am lucky enough to be returning to in 2013.

The day went really well with a lovely service and wedding breakfast. I was providing the Up-lighters which really gave the room a lovely colour in the evening. My up-lighters can provide many different colours and this one matched the colour of the day. I also provided the evening entertainment which was discussed at length at the pre wedding meeting and was happy to take requests on the night.

I also got a request to show a short video that bride and groom had put together for the earlier speeches. It was so good the groom wanted the evening guests to see it. I was happy to accommodate this and it really added to the night.

A lovely evening and this couldn’t of been possible without detailed disscusions and planning before the big day.

Atomic DJ offer a variety of packages, All day services, Up-lighters and evening entertainment. All services are bespoke and come with pre wedding planning to get it exactly how you want the day to be.

Tom Burrell

Atomic DJ

Atomic DJ Goodwood Hotel

The Wedding of MR & Mrs Yip


aTOmic DJ Wedding

Date: 7th July 2012

Venue: Clatford Village Hall

DJ: DJ Tom Burrell

Services provided: Microphones for speeches, Up-lighters and Evening DJ Services.

I love the variety of having a wedding reception in a village hall. You can transform the place and the great thing is that its all your own ideas from the decorations to the catering. The new Mr & Mrs Yip got married in July 2012 and enjoyed some great services from DJ Tom Burrell and Atomic DJ.

The village hall was in Clatford Hampshire and I provided the uplighting to transform the colour of the room. I then provided the microphones for the speeches as some of speakers had quiet voices so this helped project their voice to all of the guests.

I then provided the evening entertainment, it was a mixed crowd and a smallish room which meant I had to keep an ear out for the sound making sure it was never to loud but enough to get people on the dancefloor. A busy dancefloor ended a very special day for the new Mr and Mrs Yip.

atomic DJ 2012

Wedding of Mr & Mrs Daniels

DJ Tom Burrell

Wedding Date: 6th May 2012
Venue: Tithe Barn
Bride & Groom: Mr & Mrs Daniels
Services provided:
Ceremony Music & Background music
Wedding Host
Evening Entertainment

On a wet day in May the sun shinned inside for the Wedding of the new Mr & Mrs Daniels at the wonderful Tithe Barn near Petersfield. I was honoured to of provided the ceremony music and the background music for the couple in the afternoon. All music for this was decided at the pre-wedding day meeting so it was just right.

The room was alight with Colour provided by myself through Up-lighters. I also provided the microphones and made all the introductions for the speeches, which gave peace of mind to the bride and groom to know a professional was on hand to make whole day look good and run smoothly.

In the evening I provided full entertainment with music that suited the Bride and groom as well as all the guests. You can see highlights of the day on this video:

The Wedding of Mr & Mrs Swann


Wedding Date: Saturday August 25th
Venue: Alresford House
Services provided: Evening DJ Entertainment
Extras: Up-lighting and Daytime background music.

A lovely venue The Old Alresford House and a fantastic wedding celebration of Jon and Hannah the new Mr and Mrs Swann. The daytime was all the Couple could of wished for, fantastic food and speeches to match.Background Music provided by atomic DJ. The afternoon was rounded off nicely with a group of gentleman on stilts playing instruments. Very entertaining.

In the evening the DJ entertainment was provided by myself and included all the choices already discussed at the pre-event meeting and choices that the bride and groom trusted in me to make. I also provided Up-lighters to really improve the colour and mood of the room.

Have a look at what Jon thought of what we provided on the day on the feedback Page

Mr & Mrs Small Wedding


Wedding Date: 03 November 2012
Venue: careys Manor
Entertainment: Wedding DJ Tom Burrell
Introductions for speeches and Microphone Hire

On a Wet day in november the sun was definately shinning inside for the wonderfull wedding of Ed & Dorothy the new Mr & Mrs Small.

The afternoon was a small affair where I provided background music, microphones for speeches and Wedding host introductions.

The evening was a great success with a variety of music chosen by the Bride and groom off of their pre-event playlist and choices that I thought would fit. The room was lightly coloured around the outside by Up-lighters which really added to the mood.

Planning your wedding this year or next then why dont you add some extra touches like up-lighting, backgorund daytime music, Microphones for speeches and the wedding host package.

Mine and your future weddings…..

Hi aTOMic Fans

Hope we have now all thawed out a bit and getting out and about a bit more now that the snow has all cleared.

All go here at aTOMic towers busy preparing for some important gigs and Wedding Fayres.

I will be meeting all you potential brides and grooms in person this sunday 3rd Feb at:

De Vere New Place Hotel Southampton 11.30am -16:00

And later in the month:

Portsmouth Guildhall 17th February at Portsmouth Guildhall:

Also looking forward to a few Gigs in February including the Portsmouth Business awards.

Over the next few months I will be planning my own Wedding in April. Really enjoying all the planning side of it, its giving me more of understanding of how the whole process works and I think this will give me a better understanding of what my future brides and Grooms want from their own special day.

In the run up-to my big day I will be putting in my Blog’s some of the companies I will be using for my wedding that maybe useful for your planning. The first company I am going to point you in the direction of is Dazzle me Decor. A great unique company that add extra touches to your wedding day like ceiling decorations, outdoor games, Post Boxes and much more unique items that give your wedding the extra unique touch. Check out the website:

Until next time keep it aTOMic


Snowy times and Wedding fayres

Welcome to the first blog of 2013.

Its a very snowy outlook from my desk today hope we all keeping safe and warm.

Apologies for the lack of Blogs recently its been a very busy time at aTOMic DJ.

December was a great month with plenty of christmas parties, weddings, and a N.Y.E party. I had various parties at Careys Manor over the festive period. Always enjoy working at this great venue and at christmas time I get to work with other DJ’s in the other rooms so its great for catching up and sharing ideas with fellow DJ’s.

I also worked at Rhinefield House, Stanwell house and Southampton Guildhall this December. A great and busy month.

Now as we into 2013 thoughts head towards the weddings of this year. Bookings are coming in fast so if you want to book up get in touch. We offer all types of packages including ceremony/daytime music, Wedding host and evening entertainment. If you would like to chat to me in person I am doing three wedding fayres over the next month:

Solent Hotel Sunday 20th January 2013(weather permitting)
New Place Southampton Sunday 3 February 2013
Portsmouth Guildhall Sunday 17th February 2013

For more details check out the PMN Wedding Fayre website:

Look forward to meeting some of you at any of the above wedding fayres.

Until next time keep it aTOMic!


aTOMic DJ Wedding traditions



Welcome to latest aTOMic Blog of November 2012

We are on the eve of the crazy December Christmas season Looking forward to playing a variety of venues this festive season. Including Weddings, Christmas parties and N.Y.E at Careys Manor. The Matchtech Christmas Ball at Southampton Guildhall and Weddings at Stanwell House and Rhinefield House.

This November I had the privilege to Provide Daytime as well as Evening entertainment for the wedding of Ed & Dorothy at Careys Manor in New Forest. The Bride was Polish so in the afternoon the couple carried out the polish tradition of having a shot of Vodka with every Table at the wedding.

This made me think what traditions happen at weddings across the world:

I have done a couple of Austrailia Weddings and found that it is tradition for anyone that wants to stand up a say a speech about the bride and groom is invited to do so, it can make for a long afternoon!

In China the Bride has three wedding dresses for the different parts of the day.

In Africian Americian Weddings it is traditional to jump over a broom!! It stems from the days of slave labour when Weddings were not legal so the slaves would Jump over the broom to make it official!

Jewish Weddings it is known for the groom to smash a glass under his foot. In Peru ribbins are attached to the cake, female guests pull on them with one having a ring attached to the end, she is then said to be the one to marry next! While in Russia the groom has to give gifts and do chores on the morning of the wedding to the family of the bride to get the hand of his lady.

Some great traditions and sure there are plenty more, do you know any? let me know

Until Next time Keep it aTOMic


aTOMic DJ @ Mad Hatters Ball


Hi aTOMic fans

Welcome to latest addition of the aTOMic DJ Blog

A busy weekend last weekend sunday was full of meetings for three weddings that I am doing in December. Looking forward to visiting Master builders, Stanwell House and Royal Oak for three lovely weddings.

On saturday I was providing the music and my comparing skills for the Mad Hatters Ball at Ageas Bowl in Hedge End. What a great night, I hosted the raffle and Auction where one prize a signed Southampton football shirt was auctioned off for £300! Over £3000 was raised in total. Its all going towards plans to build and up keep a vintage style caravan for cancer sufferers to get away from it all and to get some rest away from the day to day worries of fighting the disease. Great night and glad I was apart of it. Hopefully this will be an annual thing.

This week I am to do a rare club gig in southampton at Popworld. A new venue so I am excited to play here

aTOMic DJ provide the entertainment for Mad Hatters ball charity event

for the first time. I am so busy with the wedding work its nice every so often to do something a bit different.

Looking forward to the busy december season just round the corner.

In meantime keep it aTOMic