aTOMicDJ Sunny Christmas Party

As news reached atomicents HQ that Harrods was opening up its Christmas department in early August, it was hard to decide how to feel; mixed emotions I think…

On the one hand atomicents loves to live for the moment, with lots of the summer still to go, lots of weddings and otherĀ celebrations, Christmas is in the distant future and we should enjoy the now!!!

On the other hand we understand that Christmas does take lots of planning and if people want to buy, organise and plan for the big day then there should be a service that provides for this; in a recent survey it was found that over half the people surveyed had started their Christmas shopping already (August 2010)!!

Summertime Madness?

Christmas party mobile DJ

Here at atomicents we have a solution; we are very busy across Hampshire in the run up to Christmas so would heartily recommend that you book our mobile DJ’s early to avoid disappointment. Also, if you do book early, we can sort out all your entertainment needs and get it all booked in so you can forget about it for a few months and live for today!!

We cater for a variety of events toward Christmas, from an afternoon office party, a winter wedding or a December birthday. Contact us for more details.

All that’s left to say is Merry…………Summer Sunshine!!

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