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Welcome to latest aTOMic Blog of November 2012

We are on the eve of the crazy December Christmas season Looking forward to playing a variety of venues this festive season. Including Weddings, Christmas parties and N.Y.E at Careys Manor. The Matchtech Christmas Ball at Southampton Guildhall and Weddings at Stanwell House and Rhinefield House.

This November I had the privilege to Provide Daytime as well as Evening entertainment for the wedding of Ed & Dorothy at Careys Manor in New Forest. The Bride was Polish so in the afternoon the couple carried out the polish tradition of having a shot of Vodka with every Table at the wedding.

This made me think what traditions happen at weddings across the world:

I have done a couple of Austrailia Weddings and found that it is tradition for anyone that wants to stand up a say a speech about the bride and groom is invited to do so, it can make for a long afternoon!

In China the Bride has three wedding dresses for the different parts of the day.

In Africian Americian Weddings it is traditional to jump over a broom!! It stems from the days of slave labour when Weddings were not legal so the slaves would Jump over the broom to make it official!

Jewish Weddings it is known for the groom to smash a glass under his foot. In Peru ribbins are attached to the cake, female guests pull on them with one having a ring attached to the end, she is then said to be the one to marry next! While in Russia the groom has to give gifts and do chores on the morning of the wedding to the family of the bride to get the hand of his lady.

Some great traditions and sure there are plenty more, do you know any? let me know

Until Next time Keep it aTOMic


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