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aTOMic DJ & DJ Tom Burrell

aTOMic DJ & DJ Tom Burrell

Welcome to the latest atomic DJ blog.

On my last blog I looked back at my gig for Talk Talk at Wembley. A few days later I headed into London to play in the Gherkin. Now if your unaware of the Gherkin its a very large building as you head into london which surprise surprise looks like a Gherkin, I say its big and it definitely is, 42 floors high, and I was playing at the top of the building in the exclusive restaurant and Champagne Bar.

Luckily a lift was supplied and I headed up to the top of building to supply the music. The party was a christmas party for a forward thinking media company to entertain their suppliers on behalf of an event company Inconnection. My music on the day was mix of chill out  to start with as people  chatted to more up-to date music to get the dance floor going. It was such a success that an extra hour was added to the end.

These gigs are very much like the weddings I perform at every week. With both weddings and corporate gigs you have to listen to the people that are organising the party to make sure you get it spot on. Throughout you need to get the volume correct knowing that to begin with people want to chat then later on the guests want to head to the dancefloor but don’t want to be deafened. Also with the type of music you play will differ every week so hence the meetings and the playlists that I offer as standard are essential. Finally the look has to be right, I always go for the modern, subtle stylish look  which fits in well with modern couples and companies.

I provided  full sound and light and up-lighters. It was a great success and I look forward to working with Inconnection in the future.

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