aTOMic DJ @ Mad Hatters Ball


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A busy weekend last weekend sunday was full of meetings for three weddings that I am doing in December. Looking forward to visiting Master builders, Stanwell House and Royal Oak for three lovely weddings.

On saturday I was providing the music and my comparing skills for the Mad Hatters Ball at Ageas Bowl in Hedge End. What a great night, I hosted the raffle and Auction where one prize a signed Southampton football shirt was auctioned off for £300! Over £3000 was raised in total. Its all going towards plans to build and up keep a vintage style caravan for cancer sufferers to get away from it all and to get some rest away from the day to day worries of fighting the disease. Great night and glad I was apart of it. Hopefully this will be an annual thing.

This week I am to do a rare club gig in southampton at Popworld. A new venue so I am excited to play here

aTOMic DJ provide the entertainment for Mad Hatters ball charity event

for the first time. I am so busy with the wedding work its nice every so often to do something a bit different.

Looking forward to the busy december season just round the corner.

In meantime keep it aTOMic


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