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Welcome atomic fans to the latest addition of atomic the DJ Blog.

January is normally a busy time as I plan for the year ahead getting in all the bookings for the busy summer. Although it is normally a busy time on the booking side of things it can be quiet time for actual gigs, but this year it seems its a very busy time for actual bookings which is great.

You can hear about the lovely wedding I had the pleasure of providing all day services for last week at Bonhams Barn on my next piece, but on this blog I am going to concentrate on the two award ceremonies I provided the  after show music for last week.

Now when I normally head to Centerparcs I like to enjoy the walks or the fantastic pool, but last week it was strictly business as I was working for In-connection in providing after awards music. After a fantastic day of conference and motivational speakers for the delegates it was time for everyone to relax and enjoy the evenings entertainment.

Firstly it was a three course meal followed by the awards, then it was time for me to head to the decks for the after award music. Now In-connection had organised a wide variety of entertainment, including Karaoke booth,  cocktail bar staff, fun photo booth as well as me. With this in mind and the fact the company that we were providing the entertainment for are 75% male I knew I had a job on my hands, but the night was a great success.

We had a busy dance floor with modern indie tracks going down brilliantly towards the end. A great night and once again a privilege to work  with In-coneection. Check out the many photos.

On Friday aTOMic DJ and DJ Tom  headed to the Portsmouth News excellence Awards at the Portsmouth  Guildhall. A great night, hosted By Fred Dinenage that awards  local businesses. You can find out more about the awards Below: Tom Burrell @Portsmouth Guildhall

DJ Tom Burrell @Portsmouth Guildhall
DJ Tom Burrell @ Centerparcs

DJ Tom Burrell @ Centerparcs


Patomic dj @ In-Connectionleasure to play after the awards with the dancefloor fillers on the night, Pharrell, Daft Punk and Avicci.

Both gigs were a great success and I look forward to working with both companies in the future…

Keep a look out for my next blog as I look at my recent weddings….




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