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Welcome to the latest AtomicDJBlog

Here at AtomicDJ we are always of the believing that all of our mobile DJ’s would always improve any party that we are performing at, and every party should have an AtomicDJ DJ!!

Saying this we also agree that for a small gathering, speeches or other such events you may just want a reliable new sound system to enhance your event, fully insured and pack tested for your peace of mind.

Well here at AtomicDJ we have the solution we have top quality speakers and other mobile DJ equipment  available for hire in Southampton and Portsmouth for the day, evening or weekend from £100 plus a refundable deposit.

For more information contact us so we can make it personal to your event.

Dont forget AtomicDJ is taking bookings for christmas, new year and summer 2011!!


The christmas Party

AtomicDJchristmas party

kissing under the mistletoe, confessing your love for a work colleague  or just having a good old dance to your favourite Christmas track it has to be the office Christmas party!!

Has your  company planned your work party yet? Well here at AtomicDJwe can help take the stress out  of  planning the entertainment.

We have all different types of entertainment that we can provide, from karaoke for a few to a full DJ set for a large business of thousands. We can also offer discounted rates for small afternoon sets in the office or midweek evenings!!

What ever the size of the buisiness or the type of entertainment you want AtomicDJcan always provide a mobile DJ for your party to suit your needs.

Covering Southampton, Portsmouth, Hampshire and the UK. AtomicDJ is available  to discuss your party on Freephone0800 111 4109 or check out our website www.atomic-dj.co.uk.

December is a busy time for AtomicDJso get in early and give us a call or e-mail to discuss your AtomicDJ Christmas Party!!

Atomic Download!!

Night Clubs

AtomicDJ download

Nothing more frustrating than asking for a song and the DJ saying that he hasn’t got it!! Well it can as frustrating for the DJ as well!! Hopefully the days of  this poor excuse have gone!!

Here at AtomicDJ we have we  state of the art equipment so most songs can be downloaded before or on the night, venue pending!! With our  pre event planning of meetings, e-mails and phone calls before the event we already know certain songs and genres that you would like on the night of the event.

With a large backlog of songs already in our libiary we have the songs already prepared and ready to go, but for the odd song we dont have, with the joy of down loading the song can be yours in seconds.

I see that this year the all time top ten of downloaded songs was released.

All songs in the top ten were released in the past couple of years, featuring lady gaga and black eyed peas.

Over the next few years i think this will change on a regular basis due to more people getting they music on line and also with larger age groups having more access to computers, older songs getting more exposure I think your older classics will start appearing in the top ten.

As we say at AtomicDJ it doesn’t matter if it was released in 79 or 09 a good song is a good song!!

AtomicDJ feel that equally important as the event itself is the preparation. No matter how small the event we make sure we arrive at the event knowing exactly the type of music you would like, from specific songs to certain genres.

Dont forget AtomicDJ is taking Mobile DJ bookings for Christmas and beyond. We cover Southampton, Portsmouth, Hampshire and UK. Every event is tailored to your party so contact us to find out more!!

Tel: 0800 111 4109

Fancy dress

Welcome to one of the September issues of the AtomicDJ blogs.

With lots of inquiries for mobile DJ’s for the up and coming Halloween and Christmas season I thought I would have a quick look at fancy dress. DJ- ing private parties across Hampshire and working in different nightclubs you see a whole array of costumes. Days of maids, nurses, police and school outfits being one of a small selection of things people dress up  in are gone!!

Don’t get me wrong nurses and your bobby on beat are still favourites but they are being joined now by a whole array of things. The most popular things I have seen DJ-ing recently  across Hampshire are where’s wally, smurfs (avatar if your very 2010) and also a very popular one at the moment is chosen a letter and everyone dressing up as something beginning with that letter. For example ‘b’ your could be a bus, bra or brolly!! ok maybe not!

With Halloween around the corner it will be mummies, ghost’s Freddy and the joker making an appearance!! With Christmas it will be Santa’s, elf’s and maybe a Christmas tree or two!!

At AtomicDJ our Mobile DJ’s always dress for the occasion so if yours is formal then a bow tie it is , if its a a fancy dress theme then it will be the right attire to fit in. AtomicDJ is taking mobile DJ bookings for halloween, Christmas and beyond so if your having  a fancy dress party or any other occasion in  Southampton, Portsmouth and Hampshire give us a call or e-mail

freephone 0800 111 4109

Until next time happy dressing up!!